Salt&Wave is inspired by the clean and sexy aesthetics of the 90s. The clip claw was the fashion accessory of that hottest era, which can be seen increasingly more often in the hair of beautiful Instamuses nowadays. We create hair accessories from sustainable acetate in sophisticated colourways such as rose quartz, turquoise marble, smoky topaz and others made in classic shapes. These accessories will add a touch of style to any look, whether it’s a sporty and chic outfit on your morning stroll to the gym or a demure mini dress with a baguette bag while you shine in the city
We love it when you effortlessly rake your hair into a twist in the morning while going through your beauty routine. We admire you fabulously strolling around the city while your romantic hairstyle compliments your sophisticated sexy look. You inspire us when you watch the ocean sunset at the beach and our hair clip holds your salty hair to bare your gorgeous tanned shoulders. You are our muse.
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