Although Salt&Wave objects are made of durable, strong and sustainable cellulose acetate, we would like to offer you care instructions which will ensure the longevity of your beloved accessories and let them accompany you through even more magical moments.


Our hair accessories are made of cellulose acetate which is a material commonly used for the production of luxury optical frames. Although acetate is a highly pliable resin-like material and, as opposed to plastic, doesn’t break, crack or get scratch marks, we recommend storing your hair accessories apart from other objects in your handbag. We also strongly advise you to store the accessories in silk-blend velvet duster bags which will be included in your order. This is essential to ensure their durability.


Salt&Wave accessories can be worn in any weather conditions, be it bright sun, rain, baking heat or freezing cold, and they also withstand bathing in the ocean waves. The accessories’ hardware is made of stainless steel but we strongly recommend being careful with chlorinated water in swimming pools and hard water in the showers of urban apartments – sometimes chemicals damage the stainless coating. If your lovely hair clip has taken a dip in a pool or salty sea, it is important to rinse it with fresh water to avoid metal corrosion. The metal elastic spring in the hair clips is covered with an extra layer of acetate in order to avoid getting your hair into the mechanism or hair clip breaking. We also advise abstaining from temperature drops while wearing your hair accessories as it may cause sensitivity of the special eco-friendly hypoallergenic glue which is used during the production.