by Félix Ruiz Díez





Sea water drops on tanned skin under the pouring Spanish sun

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Félix was born in hot Spain in the 80s. His main inspirations are simplicity and small details such as sea drops sun-shimmering on eyelashes or wet hair covering tanned and salty shoulders. Here are some of Félix’s notes.

by Félix Ruiz Díez for Rat&Boa

What does the sea mean to your photography?

The sea to me is everything. Not only to my photography but also for my life. Is freedom. Is peace. A warm heart.

Name the secret ingredient of your best shots.

The light of the sun. Sunrise and sunset. Natural light is key and magical.

by Félix Ruiz Díez for Rat&Boa

Please share your guide on your favorite sea coast.

Somewhere in Costa Brava (Catalunya). Garraf and Cadaqués are two of my favorite spots.

How do you keep a touch of ocean vibe in your city life?

The older I get the most I need the ocean in my life. I’m planning to move to the south of Spain, in a little town somewhere I can drive and spend my Christmas at the beach. The ocean, the smell of the sea and the sound of the waves – something I need in my life. I can not live without this feeling.

by Félix Ruiz Díez

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