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Frachella – The Art Of Collecting Inspiration

Meet Mateja Škraba – the girl who made us fall in love with the sea


The natural pure beauty of youth and the 90s aesthetics are the essence of her collection. Photographs of fashionable muses and sea nymphs, minimalistic modern interiors and inspirational quotes – meet the iconic Tumblr of Mateja – Frachella. It is our go-to inspiration point which we love to browse over morning coffee: from sunny hair in the sand and a salty tan to the reflections of the sea in the evening twilight. Mateja, the girl behind the most aesthetic blog and the founder of a beach essentials brand Frachella, told us about herself.

What does the sea mean to you?

I spent all of my childhood by the sea. So the first thought that comes to mind are all the sweetest memories. But besides that it’s also a time to take a break, to relax. The smell and the sound of it is so calming. It means good times filled with love, happy days, smile on my face, and new memories.

What does your perfect dream vacation day by the sea look like?

I would wake up with the sunrise. Make myself a big cup of coffee and sit on the porch and just enjoy the peace and the quiet. I would spend a few minutes on my computer before I would go to the market for some fresh bread and fruits, maybe have another coffee in the nearby cafe or a small walk around the city. After the breakfast, I would go to the beach for a few hours and then go for the lunch. Before sunset, I would go for the dinner and drinks. But the magic it’s not really in the things I do but in my feelings… the feeling of peace, lightness, happiness…
Good company is always included, sunsets, discovering new places, late nights, road trips…

What is your go-to vacation hair routine?

Nothing special really… I’m too lazy. I love to feel the sea in my hair, I have little curls and make small braids…
I don’t really try to brush my hair because it’s so dry and tangly. I wash it every few days and I use a good hair mask to at least keep them manageable.

Share your guide on the favourite sea coast.

You got me here! I have to check my photos from the locations… Fuerta has the nicest beaches…I loved Playa del Castillo, Playa del Moro and Ajuy. My friend owns the place there and I let her guide us everywhere.
But I really love our road trip to Betancuria..
Sicily…I can’t pick just some…I love Sicily so much. Syracuse, Taormina, Cefalu, Palermo – so many beautiful cities with local beaches and good food. 

What is your dream destination for a hot summer?

I don’t have just one. Every place has something special that makes me want to return. I can’t go through summer without visiting Vis island. I’m dreaming of Fuerteventura, Morocco, and Italy. Late summer in NYC is also so magical… It’s really hard to choose just one. But mostly I’m happy just being by the sea.

How do you keep a touch of ocean vibe in your city life?

I try to escape to the seaside as often as possible. But going through my photos while searching for images to post can easily carry me away.
Seashells in my glass jar on the shelf are a nice reminder on the summer days. But nothing can beat the ocean vibe like the ocean itself 🙂

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