Secrets of Seashells

Mother of pearl: our inspiration behind hair accessories


by Chris

It is timeless, feminine, elegant and provides energy and secrets of the ocean. Mother of pearl is a power stone that is derived from seashells that make pearls. It is believed to gently draw up the charm nestled in spiritual energy. It is also believed to give the power to love, be loved and spread self-love. In addition, it is said that because mother of pearl is derived from the so called “mother shells”, it brings up maternal energy.

Mother of pearl nacre hair comb

At the same time, mother of pearl is known to enhance beauty on the mental and physical levels — the same way as pearls begin their life cycle in nature. It is truly beautiful and inspirational, just like your own beauty also stems from the inside. When you put extra care into your routine, mental health, maintain your water balance, then you start to glow on a whole different level. Your peace takes its roots on the inside. 

In Buddhism, Taoism and Hinduism pearls celebrate inner wisdom and divine awareness. In healing practices pearls have been known for ages as conduits of relaxation and facilitators of introspection. In Japan, mother of pearl is known as a jewel worn during ceremonies. It is processed into ornaments and medicines as a talisman that attracts good energy and has been loved since ancient times. The Chinese have long adorned their mythical dragons with pearls which then invite wisdom and spiritual energy. Native islanders said that long ago the wisest oysters would face the moon when adding their final layers of nacre to their creations. This is why mother of pearl is known to be representative of powerful feminine energy, of creating life and the world. In some Hindu lineages pearls are believed to strengthen relationships, protect lovers, and reduce the effects of karma.

Pearly colours are considered to be energy magnets which can deepen the connection to our core nature. In addition they are said to heal wounded hearts from past trauma, to bring out the effect of “mental stability” and the potential of the owner. That’s why we can’t imagine our everyday beauty rituals without SALT&WAVE combs and hair accessories: they remind us of the mother of pearl ocean power that envelops and protects its owner.