Quartz magic power hair clips



The Magic Power of Quartz

7 reasons why we love quartz and are inspired by it


by Chris

Quartz was on the moodboard alongside mother of pearl when we were creating SALT&WAVE. Here are 7 reasons why it is a big source of our inspiration. 

Quartz magic power hair clips

• Natural beauty: quartz is valued for its natural beauty and versatility as it comes in a wide range of colours and forms, from clear to pink, purple, green and even black. Its crystal structure also creates stunning unique shapes and patterns, allowing endless variation.

• Sustainability: quartz is a natural material that can be sustainably sourced, making it a great choice for the eco-friendly community. 

• Timelessness: The formation of quartz in nature can take up to thousands or even millions of years, as it is done through a slow process of crystallization of silicon dioxide in the Earth’s crust. Quartz also has a long lifespan, requires minimal maintenance, and is highly durable, making it a lasting and low-waste material – which is complimented by the fact that it’s considered to be a symbol of longevity and wisdom. 

Quartz magic power hair clips

• Texture: we recreated the texture of quartz in SALT&WAVE hair accessories to pay tribute to the beauty of this crystal. The delicate quartz patterns are a beautiful testament to the limitless power of nature. Each unique texture tells a story of transformation and metamorphosis.

• Vibrance: each of the colour variations of quartz has its own properties. Rose quartz, for instance, is believed to have a calming effect on the mind, making it perfect to use during meditation or relaxation practices. Clear quartz, on the other hand, is believed to have energizing properties, making it a great choice for those who need a little extra boost of energy throughout the day. Amethyst is believed to have healing properties, making it a popular choice for those seeking emotional healing and balance. 

• Healing properties: quartz has been believed to have healing properties since ancient times, and it is believed to have the power to heal the body, mind and spirit. This crystal is known to amplify energies and vibrations in the body, making it an excellent tool for your mindfulness practices. 

Quartz magic power hair clips

• Symbolism: quartz has various meanings in different cultures. Many believe that quartz can help with emotional healing, enhance intuition and even improve sleep. This is due to the belief that quartz can balance energy levels in the body, which can help ease the feelings of anxiety and stress. 

Combs and hair clips in a quartz palette can easily become your go-to everyday way to calm your mind while you style your hair, comb it or have some hair spa time – creating your own unique experience and enhancing your beauty routine.