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The Poetry Of The Sea

Discover the photographic works of Athina Chrissaki from Greece


The photographer Athina Chrissaki captures modern Aphrodite’s daughters coming ashore and melting under the rays of the Greek sun in her lens. Girls, who inspire her, are the sea muses: the natural beauty of youth in the shimmering reflections of the sea waves. Athina revealed some of her secrets to us.

by Athina Chrissaki in Mykonos

What does the sea mean to your photography?

It means so much to my life, that is why it means a lot to my photography too. It soothes my mind and soul, it gives me clarity and so much more.. I try to capture that so that others maybe feel it too through my work. 

Name the secret ingredient of your best shots.

When you feel connected with what or whom you are capturing and you feel that deep joy in your heart.. and a lot of sunlight.

by Athina Chrissaki for Cynāne

Please share your guide on your favorite sea coast.

Some of my happy places, the rocks of Kleftiko in Milos island, To Kima restaurant in Kimolos island and the Ancient city of Karthaia in Kea island, anywhere quiet on a rock where the sun and the sea meet really..

What is your go-to vacation hair routine?

After a dip in the sea I always spray some chamomile on my hair, then comb it and let it dry naturally.

How do you keep a touch of ocean vibe in your city life?

I am incredibly lucky to have grown up next to the sea. After a few years of living in other countries I decided to live at home again, on the coast of Athens, 30 minutes from the center, on the sea. I gaze at, walk to and feel the sea everyday.. Greeks are so lucky.

by Athina Chrissaki for Maggoosh jewelry

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